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We grow almost everything we sell at the nursery – from our vegetable starts and flower baskets on up to our largest trees.

Wild Hearts Nursery owner, Dan Kirkmire, is passionate about growing plants. To ensure that our plants are healthy and hardy, Dan grows the majority of our stock here at the nursery or in our fields just down the road. In the spring, trees and shrubs are hand dug from our fields and grown in pots until they are ready for sale.

Our greenhouse work begins early each year. Our staff plants a wide variety of vegetable and flower seeds, creates beautiful hanging baskets, and transplants thousands of perennials during the very busy month of March. As soon as the weather warms up, the perennials are moved out doors to harden off. The annuals and vegetables are moved to the retail area in May.

We grow our native plants from local seed or seedlings whenever possible. We work with local suppliers and we are always looking for top quality products for our customers.

Unlike the majority of box stores, we DO NOT bring in trees and shrubs from California or other mild growing areas. Plant hardiness is very important to us!

Our growing methods are labor intensive, but the results are healthy, hardy plants for our customers.